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Our Commitments

The Keystone Commitment is a people-driven, future-focused platform that delivers hope through the opportunity to experience earned success.

Pennsylvania House Republicans are developing legislation to enable these commitments and ideas to receive the attention they deserve in the state Legislature.

Cutting Taxes for All Pennsylvanians

“If we are to use the surplus money we have now, we call on all lawmakers to join us in recognizing it is not ours to spend to balloon government bureaucracy. We must reject the notion it is fiscally sound to add unsustainable recurring costs onto the taxpayers and the Pennsylvanians who are already paying more and getting less. We believe this money comes from the taxpayers, and it must be returned to the taxpayers.” - House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler

Creating Opportunities on Main Street
PA Entrepreneurship Week

PA's rate of entrepreneurship is nearly 50% below the national average and has remained stagnant for over 25 years.

To address this, Pennsylvania House Republicans introduced new legislation during National Entrepreneurship Week to support business creation in the state.

Recognizing governmental burdens should never deter Pennsylvanians from pursuing their own path to prosperity, House Republicans are pushing the Legislature to act on the “Main Street Entrepreneurship Initiative.” The package of bills, led by House Commerce Committee Republican Chair Rep. Joe Emrick (R-Northampton), would make the dream of owning one’s own business, and growing it here in Pennsylvania, more accessible for every person in the Commonwealth.


Addressing PA's Housing Shortage
Helping Pennsylvanians Afford and Obtain Housing

PA Housing Shortage, Attainability Focus of 12-Bill House Package

A group of Pennsylvania House Republican members has unveiled a package of 12 bills to help address Pennsylvania's housing shortage and attainability. The package focuses on affordability through tax breaks, grants and incentives for both homeowners and builders, as well as reassessing and updating building codes and regulations.

Supporting and Promoting Startup Initiatives Across Pennsylvania

Several PA House Republicans have sponsored bills as part of a legislative package to support and promote startup initiatives. The bills aim to capitalize on Pennsylvania’s many assets, including talented, hard-working people and valuable geographic location. The Commonwealth cannot afford to miss any more opportunities to Silicon Valley, New York or other start-up friendly areas.

Download the 6-page PDF for all the details.

Keystone startups_edited.jpg

Addressing Energy Affordability

Households across Pennsylvania experience the impacts of high energy costs, as some are forced to reduce spending on food, medicine or other necessities in order to heat their homes. This is unacceptable, especially when rising prices are attributable to government regulations and policies. This package of legislation seeks to correct these wrongs and put Pennsylvanians, not the energy companies or bureaucratic red tape, in control.

Republican Bill Package Addresses Energy Affordability

Download the 6-page PDF for all the details.

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