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Addressing the Issues

Lawmakers hold emergency meeting on Philadelphia gun violence

The crisis of crime and violence in Philadelphia continues, but it is clear that supporting police leads to better outcomes and leads to safe communities - a cornerstone of The Keystone Commitment.

U.S. Students' Progress Stagnated Last School Year, Study Finds


We must envision transformational change to bring about a child-first and family-focused educational experience. Students and families--the future of Pennsylvania--should not be stuck in a broken system that continues to fail to meet their needs.

House Republican lawmakers warn Pennsylvanians about new 'energy tax,' House Democrats disagree

House Democrats unilaterally passed a state budget that embraces increasing energy taxes on every Pennsylvanian. This will make it more unaffordable to heat your home and turn the lights on when you get home.

House Republicans stand opposed to increasing energy taxes and other tax increases, which only make it more unaffordable to live and work in Pennsylvania.

House GOP says Democrats sabotaged Shapiro budget to spend more

Yesterday, House Democrats unilaterally passed a bloated state budget that embraces energy taxes, doubles down on failed systems, and will lead to future tax increases to sustain itself. It's the antithesis of policy that creates a thriving economy, affordable living, and a child-first, family-focused education. We can do better. We must do better.

Your PECO Bill Could Increase in June

We must make it more affordable to live in Pennsylvania. As energy prices continue to increase, the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus believes in supporting policies that increase our energy supply and lower the cost of heating and cooling your home and turning the lights on.

PA Republicans, State Treasurer Call for Increase to Rainy-Day Fund

Creating a Pennsylvania where living is affordable means working to keep taxes low. Our Rainy Day Fund ensures Pennsylvania has enough money to balance our state budget in the event of an economic downturn WITHOUT raising taxes. The Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus is committed to fiscal responsibility and keeping this important taxpayer asset funded for future economic headwinds, not political spending priorities.

EMS workers say problems "kicked down the road" caused crisis

Creating safe communities means providing resources for when an emergency strikes. Yesterday, the PA House Republican Policy Committee heard from rural EMS and fire fighters about the struggles they face in continuing to provide emergency services. State government should make it easier to provide emergency services, not harder.

Philly voters worry of crime, but wary to embrace 'tough' approach


The Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus believes in creating safe communities. That is why, as part of The Keystone Commitment, we are working to advance policies that support police and prosecutors and put criminals behind bars, but also focus on the social determinants of health and how they impact social behavior while right sizing the safety net to provide the opportunity for earned success. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, with The Keystone Commitment, we can create safe neighborhoods for all Pennsylvanians.


House committee holds hearing on career, tech schools

Creating a child-first, family-focused education means investing in ensuring every educational choice is available. That includes making career-ready education more available and then streamlining that training into family-sustaining jobs that are easy to get. The Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus continues to put our children's education and the future of the Commonwealth's economy first.

Why Is Shapiro So Quiet on Pennsylvania’s Energy Policy? 

Building a thriving economy and affordable living requires Pennsylvania to be great at what we do well. We have abundant energy resources under our feet that can create family-sustaining jobs and lower the price to heat and cool homes. With policies like RGGI the price of energy will increase and energy jobs will flee the state. We must reverse course.

In the News

"Fully implemented, The Keystone Commitment—this people-focused pledge—will lead Pennsylvania into a better future. We are asking everyone to join us in seeing the potential for something better. To believe that government is bloated and intrusive, but not broken. To understand that, working together, we can achieve a better Pennsylvania where everyone, not just some, have a path to opportunity for earned success."


The Keystone Commitment is a people-driven, future-focused platform that delivers hope through the opportunity to experience earned success.

The Keystone Commitment is the foundation upon which we will build the four cornerstones of:

- A thriving economy.

- Affordable living.

- Safe communities.

- A child-first, family-focused education.

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