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House Republicans Focus on Getting Government Out of the Way of Business Creation

In recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week, House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) said the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus will be focusing its efforts on getting government out of the way of business creation with a newly unveiled Main Street Entrepreneurship Initiative legislative package.

“At the heart of The Keystone Commitment is the need to create a thriving economy by making it easier to do business in Pennsylvania and making it easier to get a job here. We must also invite opportunity through competition if we want to put this Commonwealth on a sound economic footing,” Cutler said. 

“Right now, government is standing in the way of those who want to create businesses of their own in Pennsylvania and tie their futures to that of the success of this Commonwealth,” Cutler added. “House Republicans are putting forward the Main Street Entrepreneurship Initiative to begin to fulfill the promise of The Keystone Commitment and stand with entrepreneurs, whose drive and innovation will continue to power this Commonwealth.”

The forthcoming package of bills will include legislation to:

• Establish a set-aside within the Commonwealth’s procurement process for entrepreneurs.

• Waive business filing fees to provide relief for first-time entrepreneurs.

• Create a new business ombudsman in the Department of Community and Economic Development.

• Require businesses that receive grants and loans from the Commonwealth to commit to staying in the Commonwealth.

• Establish a statewide program for entrepreneurship education among high school students.

• Modernize our bankruptcy exemption statute to provide fair protections for entrepreneurs’ assets.

“Government mandates and impediments continue to be barriers to entrepreneurial growth and development,” Cutler said. “The Main Street Entrepreneurship Initiative we are announcing today places a renewed focus on getting government out of the way so Pennsylvanians can live their dreams through earning a living and creating a business by being great at what they are good at.”

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